Craving for Breakfast – My List of ‘Top 12 in Bangalore’

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, and whenever I find spare time on my hands, I go extra mile to get the unique meal experience. Over the course of last few months, I was on roll to visit various places for breakfast.

Having visited many, I got my own top list(not in particular order) which I am delighted to share with rest of the world.

English Breakfast

The Hole in the Wall Cafe : Located in Koramangala, The Hole in the Wall offers  one of the best pocket friendly breakfasts in the town. The menu is vast and the service is prompt . Be prepared to wait and sometimes the wait could be as long as an hour, but the wait is worthwhile.

    Price Range: $$/$$$$$      Value for Money: 4.5/5

The Egg Factory : What came first Egg or a Chicken? Well it doesn’t matter at The Egg Factory. For me both were served together on the plate. The menu has some classic breakfast dishes including Masala Omelette and Egg Kejriwal. The service could be slow at times, but its okay for weekend mornings, one gets more time to chill. There are 5 branches spread around the town.

    Price Range: $$$/$$$$      Value for Money: 3/5

154 Breakfast Club : A block away from The Hole in the Wall Cafe, 154 Breakfast Club offers excellent breakfast with lots of healthy choice options. The eggs were cooked to perfection, bacon and sausages were crisp and the pan-cakes were fluffy, when else can a hungry tummy ask for? Unlike other places, we waited for about 45 minutes to get the table on Saturday morning.

     Price Range: $$/$$$$      Value for Money: 4/5

My Cousin’ s Place : “Arr’right” the place which can serve me breakfast at 9:00pm on Saturday must be on my list. This place was completely discovered by accident, and added to my favorite list of restaurants. The menu is limited but the flavors are vast.  The atmosphere at “My Cousins Place” is great and its perfect place to chill out.

    Price Range: $$/$$$$      Value for Money: 4.5/5

The Market – Ritz Carlton : Not a pocket friendly breakfast, but this place boasts uber luxury. The buffet or the menu is certain to dent the pocket, but the quality and variety one gets is top notch. Just sink in the cushy comfortable chair and enjoy the morning  sipping freshly brewed coffee.

  Price Range: $$$$$/$$$$      Value for Money: 4/5

JW Kitchen : The place I get my Egg Benedict fix is kinda home away from home. Upmarket, trendy and inviting, JW Kitchen is among my frequent visited restaurants. Never ending buffet oozes great selection from north to south of Indian cuisine and continental selection. The buffet or menu prices are on higher end but inline with the brand name and luxury it offers.

  Price Range: $$$$$/$$$$      Value for Money: 5/5

Indian Breakfast

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar : 6 items on the menu including tea/coffee, this place is a must visit to try crispy Vada and spongy Idli dipped in Chutney. The place has no ambiance but its full of character. Simple it is no fuss, economic, delicious local breakfast. There is no place to sit, the diners just gather around on the street, around their cars holding plates.

  Price Range: $/$$$$      Value for Money: 5/5

Indian Coffee House : Authentic, vintage and rustic Indian Coffee House is one of the places which are named in legendary places in Bangalore. Coffee house gets busy and people don’t mind sharing tables. The filter coffee is good, the Lamb Cutlets and Masala Dosa and Omelettes are delectable.

  Price Range: $/$$$$      Value for Money: 3/5

Siddappa Hotel : This is completely crazy place, which doesn’t even have a proper menu, comfortable seating or ambiance, and it doesn’t matter either. One is sure to be blown away with the unique experience this place offers. The meal is served on banana leave which diners kinda hold in their one hand and eat the food with other. The place is certainly not for clumsy eaters. To read my blog about Siddappa click here

  Price Range: $/$$$$      Value for Money: 4.5/5

A2B – Adyar Ananda Bhavan : Standard sweet shop/restaurant spread all over the town serves classic south Indian breakfast. The breakfast menu offers variety of Dosas, Uttapam, Idli to Vada. The Ghee Pongal is highlight of the menu and I do recommend my guests to try that.

  Price Range: $$$$$/$$$$      Value for Money: 5/5

Kapoor’s Cafe : Let’s talk about hearty Punjabi Paratha’s, if one is craving for these, Kapoor is the place. Be expected to blown away with the taste. I believe that this place serves best Paratha’s in town. Apart from Paratha’s other North Indian breakfast classics like Cholle Bhature, Puri Chana and Kachori’s are available and equally delicious.  Depending on the time of the day, average wait time to get the table is about 15 minutes.

  Price Range: $$/$$$$      Value for Money: 4.5/5

Guru Hotel : Short drive out of Bangalore to town called Bidadi is a house of famous ‘Thatte Idli’. Name comes from the size and sometimes it is called ‘Plate Idli’ as the size of this Idli is much bigger than the normal one. This is Karnataka’s most famous breakfast dish. The association of Bidadi to Thatte Idli is because it became famous in this town. Thatte Idlis are usually served with Coconut Chutney and Sambar, with a dollop of home-made butter over the Idlis.

  Price Range: $/$$$$  Value for Money: 4/5                       Map

Shark Food Court : To start with don’t ask me how they came up with this name. Located on Bangalore – Mangalore Highway by the town called , Shark Food Court is about 50Km out of Bangalore. They serve delicious breakfast starting from 6am under the open sky. Aim to get there by 7am to enjoy yummy Masala Dosa and Thahhe Idli served with Sago and 2 types coconut chutney.

 Price Range: $/$$$$  Value for Money: 4/5                      Map

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