Hi, I’m Ajay, a British-Indian, currently residing in Bangalore for the last few years. My heritage stems from Punjab in India, where I was born and bred in a vibrant and rich culture based on family values, loyalty and great food! In my later youth, I moved to Australia, and thereafter, lived in the USA, Canada, UK, Middle-East & eventually now residing in India. I am proud of having traveled almost half of the world.
Travel, food and photography are my passions, and surprisingly most of my travels are linked to food, drinks and different cuisines or wonderful sights from around the globe.
When I am not Traveling
I read books/articles, cook, watch movies & listen to the music. My ideal evenings are sipping a drink & enjoying shisha from my balcony with the view.
I practice Reiki. I am Certified Reiki Master, do contact me if you need to know more.
Blogging………so how did it start?
Well, my family and friends always struggled to get first hand information (or I guess they just don’t bother doing enough research) when they were planning their vacations. Knowing that I’ve traveled to various destinations, they always asked me for suggestions, and the do’s and don’ts. I was getting overwhelmed with calls, texts and whatsapp messages from many individuals with requests to plan their itinerary. In some cases it didn’t stop there and I would receive calls whilst they were on vacation. I started to realize that my wealth of knowledge and experience about diverse cultures, places of interest, sophisticated cuisines, and other bits & bobs was indeed highly sought after. Immediately, it got me thinking and an idea struck…why don’t I create a website where I can share my passion for travel, food, art and culture, and photography with others? I was now thinking mass scale, way beyond my family and friends. I started with a Facebook Travel Photos page as I knew it would take a while to get my act together and publish the website. Finally, after plenty of planning and much encouragement from my supportive wife combined with hard efforts of many others I’m proud to say here we are with “Savvy Travelers – Travel and Photo Blog”
Eat Around The Globe
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  1. Well I’m one relative who bothers you all the time while on holiday. We have enjoyed different food experiences in various countries …. From fine cuisine in Dubai’s posh restaurants to yummy mouth watering street food in India. And now this comes handy!! Well done!!

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  2. Wow superb way to share ur experiences as it’ll become a very useful travel guide for people like us. Photography is breathtaking, really enjoying watching them, keep up the good work mate, best wishes!!!

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