A queue for ‘Half Masala Dosa’?

Would you get in a queue for ‘Half Masala Dosa’ to complete your breakfast experience?

Let’s roll back to the start.

A foodie friend of mine kept on drip feeding me about Siddappa Hotel for past few days. The more he talked about it, the eager I was to visit. Having no sense of direction, and area I had to depend on my friend to take me there. A surprise call from him on Saturday morning to visit Siddappa made my day.

Siddappa is located in Sampangiram Nagar, SR Nagar, Richmond Road. Unless someone who has seen this place leads you there, or without the help from someone of local area knowledge, it’s hard to reach Siddappa, which is situated by the temple courtyard in the little bungalow.image

By the time we reached, the queue had been already long and the restaurant was yet to open. We joined the queue and within a few minutes the queue behind us extended further. While in the queue I noticed that few diners were holding paper plates. I was almost worried thinking “how would I manage without a plate”?

At 8:00am the doors open and the queue started moving, we were lucky to be the part of first lot. The cottage is sectioned in 3 small rooms with benches along the wall. Along the left of the entrance there was a small area where a dosa cooking station is fixed, we were seated right beside it.

imageThe service commenced as we took our seats, and my worry of plate vanished when servers distributed the paper plate with an overlay of banana leaf. In the first round of food, there came idli with chutney and sagu. While we were licking our fingers and banana leaf, the second round of food began. This time it was Rice Bath. The rice was nicely loaded in the service plate and the parcel size was timagehe quarter of the plate. The rice was flavorsome, the chutney adds the further twist to the taste. Next round comes Kali Dosa which was provincial. By that time my excitement was building up for Half a Masala Dosa which was already served to some of the diners. All other dishes are unlimited, but Masala Dosa is only served in half and once only.

imageFinally, I was happy to see my portion of Siddappa’s famous Half Masala Dosa on my plate. The dosa was crisp and flavorsome, I have had similar tasting dosa’s before, but the experience of having only half and the option to have no more of that in the same sitting makes it more desirable.

I recommend anyone looking for South Indian breakfast with a unique experience must visit Siddappa Hotel.

The question is still open ‘Would you get in a queue for Half a Masala Dosa’?


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3 thoughts on “A queue for ‘Half Masala Dosa’?

    1. It seems Siddappa’s USP is to offer 3 different delicious south Indian breakfast food in one sitting. And,half a masala dosa is like a cherry on top!
      Besides, having tasted the yummy masala dosa in half makes you crave for more and you will end up in queue for ‘Half Masala Dosa’ the next day and an another day…..Lol

      Interesting blog, Ajay. you made my mouth water….


  1. […] Siddappa Hotel : This is completely crazy place, which doesn’t even have a proper menu, comfortable seating or ambiance, and it doesn’t matter either. One is sure to be blown away with the unique experience this place offers. The meal is served on banana leave which diners kinda hold in their one hand and eat the food with other. The place is certainly not for clumsy eaters. To read my blog about Siddappa click here […]


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