Being in Bangalore as an expat – Week 1

Super excited…. That I have survived “week 1” of long term plan as being an “expat in India”.

The City: Bengaluru aka Bangalore, capital of Karnataka is located in south of India, a center of India’s high tech industry, which is spread around 270 square miles with a population of approximately 8.5 million.  Bangalore has been an important urban center from ancient times, south Indian dynasties, Mughal era and British empires in history dating back to the early 1500s.

The Modern, Bangalore is also known as “Silicon Valley of India” has the headquarters of national and international technology companies, and is ranked 4th in GDP contribution in India.

Over the last couple of decades, Bangalore developed very quickly causing unplanned urban development and traffic nightmares.  To overcome the traffic issues, the state government has brought out and imposed one-way systems on many roads, and have built flyovers to ease traffic.  Congestion’s are part of daily life of Bangalore’ans.

The Climate: Compared to other cities of India, Bangalore enjoys good weather throughout the year. Coolest month being December the average temperature drops to 15 degrees, and the hotter months May/June average around 35 degrees. Monsoon in India starts from south so Bangalore gets its fair share of rains during monsoon season.
Since my arrival, I have been enjoying the rain every evening.

The cuisine: Bangalore cuisine is very diverse, with above 60% of the population being immigrants from other provinces of India. Roadside stalls, multi cuisine food joints, cafés and bars, south and north Indian outlets, Chinese and Thai restaurants and many more in my view make Bangalore a “food capital of nation”. A colleague of mine also mentioned that Bangalore is known as “pub capital of India”.  I am energized to explore and find hidden gems of Bangalore and write about them in near future.

What’s next for me: Not in particular order
•    Get a local driving permit
•    Get Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350
•    Join a local Bikers, Foodie, and Travel Club

And embark on sharing my experience as “Expat in Bangalore”

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