Singapore – Food Lovers Paradise

Singapore is known, as the Garden City is renowned for its unique location, tourism and obsession of being always the best. Singaporeans are passionate about food, no matter what time you go pass a hawker center or a food court, you would see them chock-a-block. There is such a variety of food to try that one has to plan the itinerary.

Being a food lover myself and having many visits to Singapore, I always plan my days so that I can sample most of eating joints.
img_4864 One item always on my to eat list is “Chicken Rice” which is easily available throughout the whole island. If you fancy good seafood, have a stroll down to East Coast Park. There are few seafood restaurants with outside seating area. Chilly Crab is a must try dish, however, if someone doesn’t like red chilies, they can try the Black Pepper Crab.


If one fancies traditional South Indianimg_4975 dishes, head down to Little India. My personal favorite is Komala Vilas (established since 1947), which has still maintained its looks from late 80s.

Make your way to Lau Pa Sat, which is situated at the heart of the Singapore business district to try Malay food. Singapore offers ample tourist spots, activities (to be covered in another blog) for its visitors – whatever you end up doing, just don’t leave out any opportunity to have yummy food.

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