Weekend @Neemrana Fort-Palace

To go there, or not to go there…. I spent numerous hours discussing this with my friend. Sole idea was to have a photo tour of Neemrana, have a bite to eat and come back to Delhi. After realizing that as non-staying guests, we may not be able to visit many areas of the fort, so the only option available to us was to stay at Neemrana. We finally picked our kits, got in the car drove for 2 hours, and here we were at Neemrana Fort-Palace, turning our ad-hoc visit into relaxing, luxurious overnight stay.
Neemrana-DayAfter a warm welcome, and check in formalities we decided to chill around the pool area. There were two swimming pools, both overlooking the hanging garden and village.

We were invited for afternoon tea on the terrace offering amazing views of the fort and the village. The “Masala Tea” and homemade cookies were completely out of the world.
After the tea, we were ready with our cameras to walk around the fort and click awesome shots. The fort is tiered into a hill spreading over 8 stories and various wings. Each area offers unique accommodation and equally magnificent views of gardens, pool, palace or courtyard. Walking up and down the hill isn’t as easy one thinks and we soon ended up at the bar for some refreshing beverages.
We got to enjoy a cultural show in the bar area, showcasing the Rajasthani folk music and dance. It was lively, colorful and it seemed that fort is converted into a theatre. As the evening falls, the whole fort is lit with colorful lights transforming it into a dazzling beauty. The idea of having dinner on the terrace under the open skies always amazes me, and we got the chance to relish that.

The early morning sun over the palace, the chirping of the birds and peacocks squawking (sometimes very annoying), freshness in the air gave us lots of energy to have another walk around the fort to capture last minute memories through our camera lens.
Soon after the breakfast, we were on our way back to Delhi after enjoying the rare gem of Alwar.

Tip: Include Saturday night during your stay to enjoy the cultural events.

More Images of Neemrana Fort-Palace

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